DGCA Filmes has the executive coordination of the environmentalist and journalist Dener Giovanini and has a highly qualified and experienced team. From planning stage to the post production of projects, through the development of scripts, production and shooting, DGCA Filmes has specialized professionals who are always connected to the latest movements of the television and film industry.

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Dener Giovanini’s Resume

Internationally recognized environmentalist, for his role in the defense of biodiversity Giovanini received from the UN in 2003 the most important and prestigious environmental prize in the world: the UNEP Sasakawa Prize. In Brazil he was awarded the maximum Legislature honor, the Medal of Honor of the National Congress. Among the numerous honors and acknowledgements received, also stand out the title of Cidadão Paulistano and the Green Prize of the Americas.

The creation of new strategies in social communication, the implementation of innovative partnerships and the excellent results achieved by the organization he founded and coordinates, the RENCTAS, gave Dener Giovanini the Remarkable Social Entrepreneur status by the three largest social entrepreneurship organizations in the world: Ashoka , Avina and Schwab Foundation.

His strategies also inspired a Case Study at Harvard University.

In 2006, Dener Giovanini was elected as one of the 54 environmental heroes of the planet by the Courrier International Magazine. In 2007, he was elected by the newspaper Le Monde as one of the top 100 environmentalists of the world. In 2008, the Newsweek magazine elected him as one of the 100 most Important Social Entrepreneurs of the planet.

In 2009, Dener Giovanini was elected by the Japanese magazine Sokotoko the 24th more influent person in the world in the environmental area. That same year, he was invited by the president of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, to be a member of the Global Council against the World Illegal Trade, maintained by the G20 and the UN.

Dener Giovanini is also a journalist, being responsible for blog Reflexões Ambientais on the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo. In 2007, he produced and hosted the series O Brasil é o Bicho on Fantástico, TV Globo. The series was released on DVD by Globo Marcas and hit sales record. In 2011, he produced and hosted the series Ecos do Brasil on Canal Futura. In 2015 he directed and hosted the series Tribunal Ambiental on TV Justiça, the Brazilian Judiciary’s TV.

Executive Director – Raulff Lima
He is a executive film producer and biologist. He coordinates all DGCA Filmes’s new projects and is responsible for the company’s staff.
E-mail: dgca@dgca.com.br

Thiago Vargas is a cinematographer and entrepreneur. He coordinates the DGCA Filmes’s technical management of new products and is responsible for the company’s post-production areas.
E-mail: thvcosta@dgca.com.br

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